Alan Read-Chua


Working in the Real Estate Industry for almost two decades has proven to be one of the most rewarding career choices I have ever made. That says a lot seeing as I had a very successful career in the Mutual Fund Industry prior to Real Estate. I had worked hard and obtained the position of “Director of Client Projects” for the world’s largest Mutual Fund Company before deciding that if I was going to be a workaholic I might as well be a workaholic for myself! There is nothing quite like the experience of matching Buyers with Sellers and knowing that you are making a real difference in people’s lives. 

I have learned a lot along the way and am really excited because I believe I am finally able to offer something unique to both Buyers and Sellers.
For Sellers, it is important to understand that Buyers often come from locations which are not within the proximity of the Seller’s local Real Estate Board. It is imperative that your listing is placed in front of these Buyer’s eyes. While it may be true that the listings will appear on public websites, one must appreciate that the Buyer’s Realtors are not performing searches for their clients on these sites. They are looking for properties on their own Real Estate Board’s system because that has been specifically set up to provide them with more detailed information. If the property isn’t listed on their system, they simply will not see it.

In order to ensure my listings are presented to as many Realtors as possible I have worked with my Brokerage to create my own Branch Office. It’s a bit complicated but by doing this I have been able to set myself up so that I can ensure my listings show up on a Realtor’s system no matter which of the following Boards they belong to:
For Buyers, I understand that needs vary drastically by individual. Some Buyers want to avoid the commute and be in the centre of it all, while others are looking for more affordable housing that might be found outside of a major city. Wherever you are looking it can get difficult without the right resources and Realtor. I do my best to make it easy for you. I ensure I have access to all of the data we need, and I drive to where you want me to be whenever you want me to be there.
How can I do this? I have three significant advantages:
The first is that I have a home in both Toronto and Hamilton and I reside wherever I need to be.
The second is really quite simple: I don’t have kids!
While many Realtors have to juggle family demands against work demands, I not only don’t have that issue I have a bonus: My partner is a very talented Graphic Designer/Web Developer. This means I can get high quality marketing materials prepared rapidly. He is able to effectively handle a significant amount of the marketing process Realtors tend to agonize over, and this enables me to stay focused on working one on one with my clients. I do not “bait and switch”. You hired me and you will get me.
The third advantage I actually have little control over: I am plain and simply a workaholic. My stress level is highest when I have nothing to do.
What is the bottom line? I will be where you need me to be when you need me to be there, and I will ensure you receive first rate service. Frankly I couldn’t live with myself if I ever thought I was giving anything less than my best.
I hope you will contact me so we can discuss working together as a team. No pressure…I don’t work that way…promise!
Alan Read-Chua, Broker (B.Com)
Branch Manager,
Sutton Group – Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage

P.S. I'm happy to announce that I have received the "Diamond Award" from my brokerage for several years in a row.